Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11

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Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11 - visual media factory 2021 2022

Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11

The Google Play Store has been successfully installed on Windows 11 by a developer and design student. This method fully functionalizes Google’s Android app store within Windows 11, allowing you to install a game or app and run it alongside traditional Windows apps.

Microsoft began testing Windows 11 Android app support last week, but during the preview phase, the official implementation is limited to the Amazon Appstore and less than 50 apps. Installing the Google Play Store on Windows 11 gives you access to any Android app or game you want.

ADeltaX, an Italian UX design student, has successfully installed the Google Play Store on Windows 11 and has documented the entire process. The installation process won’t be easy if you’re unfamiliar with Linux commands or command prompts, but ADeltaX has created a video guide for those who are serious about getting this up and running.

After downloading all of the necessary tools, enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and installing Ubuntu, I was able to get the Google Play Store up and running on Windows 11 in about 30 minutes. As a result, you now have a fully functional Play Store on Windows 11 that you can use to install any Android app.

The complete installation instructions can be found on GitHub or in the YouTube walkthrough video. Microsoft is expected to make the Windows Subsystem for Android, as well as Amazon Appstore support, available to all Windows 11 users in the coming months.

If you don’t want to deal with Linux commands, a developer has created a tool that allows you to sideload Android apps from the Microsoft Store. This won’t work for apps that use Google Play Services APIs, but it does make sideloading Android apps on Windows 11 a lot easier.

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