Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you will get a better price! As each company requires and individual and unique marketing and media plan our total price will increase and at the same time we will discount your total price according to the total costs of all projects together and/or the duration of the projects combined!

Of course! When you order more than one service at the same time we will discount your total price according to the total costs and/or the duration of the project

You can contact us via Viber or WhatsApp on the mobile phones that you can find on our contact page HERE, you can send a an email or just send a message through the contact form that you can find HERE and we will guide you through the ordering process. Our works begins with a call to understand what you want your brand to achieve online. After the inital call our team will develop a unique marketing and digital strategy for your company or brand in order to generate amazing results and get you where you want to be in the digital world. After you review our marketing and digital strategy proposals and give us a green light to start, our team will start creating everything that is necessary for your project and send you updates and examples of our work as we go. That way we keep you in the loop the entire time while we engage in getting you more brand awareness, more leads or more sales online!

Great question! We are glad you are thinking about this! In order to be efficient content and marketing professionals, it was necessary to become knowledgable in any industry we represent, so that content creation comes from a natural place and blends in well with your current online assets. We can create a Book of Standards for your brand that will entail all different guidelines and rules from basic stuff like color options to advanced stuff like spacing and animation rules for your brand or company. You can check out our Book of Standards HERE. Besides creating guidelines extensive as a Book of Standards one of our team members will be your own personal consultant and will take the time to get to know you and your business, helping you make the most of your online presence and helping us understand how you want to be seen online through all the different services we offer.

We have done this so many times that we know we never fail when we implement our sales and marketing strategies! Besides, we offer a money-back guarantee if we don't deliver what we promised in the time-frame we promised!!

Say that we are mad, but we see the negative feedback as a great opportunity to turn someone into a very loyal fan or follower by helping solve the problem they had and working on preventing similar issues with upcoming clients. Research consistently shows that some of the most loyal fans come from a negative experience handled in a positive way and making the customer see that they as an individual matter to your company and that their satisfaction and user experience is of the utmost importance to your company and brand. We make sure the user experience improves week by week by analysing and improving all of the assets and media channels that we use for your brand so that the end result is almost perfection and with that 99,99 percent of your customers are happy with you as a company or your product and services!.

Digital media marketing is not a short term solution, it is a long term investment in the growth of your business. Because of this, we set the expectation that it will take 6 months before consistent results occur for high and medium competition markets and keywords. For low competition keywords results will be seen within 90days.

You can check out services page that contains all information about our individual services and how they benefit your business. We update our work-flow and strategy week to week and with that we update service pages accordingly.

The DigMarketplace® is one of our new projects and subsidiaries dedicated to providing trending and modern digital products and games with instant delivery after payment while keeping prices under retail value with our acquisition methods, suppliers and strategies!