ClickCease vs ClickGuard? Choosing Click Fraud Software

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ClickCease vs ClickGuard Choosing Click Fraud Software Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads 2021 2022

ClickCease vs ClickGuard? Choosing Click Fraud Software

When it comes to blocking click fraud, there are now many options on the market. However, the main choice comes down to the two most commonly used software; Clickcease, and ClickGUARD. Both of these offer to block fraud clicks on your Google Ads, cost the same amount of money and appear to do the same thing.

So which is the best click fraud protection software, and how do you choose which one to use?


This software protects ad campaigns by detecting and blocking fraudulent IPs from your ad campaigns. It achieves this by sending the IP addresses to the exclusion list in real-time, thereby saving you from spending a whole lot more on advertising. ClickCease also accesses a huge blacklist of known fraud sources, and is constantly analyzing traffic trends to spot click fraud including bots and click farms.

ClickCease is an independent provider and works with Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads – which includes Instagram. With packages starting at around $59/ month for monthly subscriptions, or $41 if you pay annually, ClickCease offers an affordable way to block fraud. ClickCease also offers a free trial you can use to gauge whether you need the services and to run an audit on your ads.



This is another Fraud Protection Software that identifies and blocks all fraudulent IP addresses clicking on your ad campaigns. Currently, ClickGuard only works with Google Ads campaigns.
ClickGUARD achieves this by monitoring every individual click and tracing them to their respective networks and IP addresses. It then monitors the post-click behaviors and blocks the IPs that return repeatedly.

Apart from protecting your ad campaigns from click fraud, ClickGUARD provides you more insight into the campaign and gives you the opportunity to adjust your campaign as you please. This level of visibility and transparency is something you don’t know you need, until you actually get to use it. You’re also able to see where the fraudulent clicks were coming from. However good this software might seem, it also suffers a downside. The UI can be very complicated if you’re not familiar with the system, and this can take a lot of time to learn on your own. It has a lot of features, but is a bit disorganized and difficult to navigate, which is confusing at times when trying to find things.

However, the support team more than makes up for this. They’re always on standby as if waiting for you to tell them your problem. Just like ClickCease, this software costs around $59/ month for a subscription. The costs and plan are a bit high but the Return on Investment is more than worth it.

So there you have it, when it comes to ClickCease vs ClickGuard, the real truth is that you might need to look at your ad goals and which platforms you’re using. If you’re just using Google Ads and you want lots of customization options you might want to use ClickGuard, But if you are also using Bing or Facebook Ads, and you want the industry-leading choice, ClickCease is the most likely best option.

These are the two most commonly used software for click fraud protection. They both work well and have a lot of positive reviews from customers online. Either can work just fine for you, but you might need to check their individual sites to figure out which one works better for you.

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